"Vienna is my hometown--I'm running for mayor to protect the small-town feel in our residential neighborhoods"

Vienna is my hometown. I grew up playing VYS and VYI as a kid at Louise Archer, and now I’m raising my family here.

Six years ago, I ran for Council to protect Vienna’s small-town feel. I was the one dissenting vote against rezoning Maple Avenue (aka the MAC) because I understood the risks.

This year, I’m running for mayor to protect our small-town feel in our residential neighborhoods. The Town is hiring a consultant to review all zoning, including your residential neighborhood. On the table: building height changes, lot coverage changes, transitional zone housing, lot sizes, setbacks, secondary dwelling units, and duplex/triplex allowances. Just like the Maple Avenue rezoning, I was the only dissenting vote against the residential zoning rewrite because I understand the risks.

Vienna needs a mayor who understands risks in advance, not someone who votes with the crowd.

As mayor, I will focus on quality of life for residents. We need to get better, not bigger. That’s what keeping our “small-town feel” is all about. Here is my four-point plan:

1.       Slow down cut-through traffic, make residential streets safe for children

Add sidewalks, crosswalks, and speed bumps and use street design to limit the impact of cut-through traffic while keeping trees.

2.       Build parks and green spaces throughout Town

Create an 8-acre park on Beulah Road and maintain leaf pick-up and mulch delivery services. Add parks throughout Town. Establish tree conservation policy for the Town.

3.       Protect residential neighborhoods from rezoning risks

Keep our distinctive residential zoning. Do not allow or incentivize larger houses. No more high-density, luxury housing projects. Support affordable housing that is actually affordable (not $900,000 townhouses).

4.   Thoughtful planning for Maple Avenue

Plan ahead for traffic, don’t dump cars on residential neighborhoods. Plan ahead for schools, don’t add hundreds of students and let Fairfax County Public Schools put our kids in trailers. Attract new businesses, not 150-unit apartment buildings. Rewrite the code for the commercial sector to make investments in small-town, low-density, low-height redevelopment easy and predictable.

Our family has four generations in Vienna because we love this Town and everything it stands for. I’m running for mayor because I want to protect Vienna’s small-town feel, in our residential neighborhoods and on Maple Avenue. If you want a mayor who understands the risks and is looking out for you, vote Pasha May 19.


Meet Pasha Majdi, Candidate for Mayor