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"I am motivated to run for town council to ensure we never lose that small town feel, listen to residents, and make Vienna the safest community to raise a family."

Meet Chris Wright, candidate for Town Council

A Virginia native from Lynchburg, I graduated from James Madison University in 1999, landed in Vienna in 2004, and have been singing its praises ever since.  I worked for a local software company (MicroStrategy) for 13 years and have been working as a partner in a local IT consulting firm for the last 8 (Datastrong).  My most important job is raising my two boys (10 & 6) who attend VES,  along with the love of my life, Calli.   Vienna has captured that small town feel that so many people desire within 10 miles of a major metropolitan city.  I was motivated to run for town council to ensure we never lose that small town feel while listening to our residents, improving our infrastructure, and making Vienna the safest community to raise a family.  

  1.  In 2020, we have residential streets with young children, senior citizens, and disabled citizens who share the road with vehicles due to the lack of sidewalks. This creates an extremely dangerous scenario for our families. Sidewalks are not a new phenomenon, and in order to encourage a safer and more pedestrian friendly community they need to be made a priority. 
  2.  We need to have an informed community. I receive notifications via apps on my phone whenever my kid’s game has an update.  The town of Vienna needs its own app that will proactively notify citizens of events, important dates, deadlines, surveys, etc. that are easily missed due to all of our busy schedules. 
  3. Development / traffic in Vienna are the single most talked about issues we have.  I encourage giving our aging buildings a facelift and actively attracting new small needed businesses to our town.  In order to facilitate the diversity of our community, we need to provide the opportunity for families of all socioeconomic backgrounds to call Vienna home.  As we consider new development, we must ensure that we have the clearest, data driven understanding of the impact it will have on our roads, schools, and surrounding homes. Only then can we accurately weigh the pros and cons of proposed projects. 
  4. More green space! More parks and green space makes Vienna a more enjoyable and desirable place to live and it is vital to our environment.  Our trees are being knocked down every day with the natural modernization of our community.  Fortunately, trees can be replaced.  There should be two new trees planted for every one that is knocked down. 
  5. Listen to our community and speak truth.  Over the last 3 months I have had the privilege to meet many of our neighbors. I’ve heard repeatedly that they were told something would be addressed and never was. All communities must make difficult decisions and prioritize how to allocate budgets.  Suggestions on improvements and repairs should always be encouraged and heard, but there also needs to be realistic answers on when those issues will likely be addressed.

“Lightning in a bottle” is an overused phrase, but that’s what we have in the Town of Vienna.  I feel fortunate every day to be a part of this community and to have the opportunity to raise my family here.  I’m running for our town council to continue to move Vienna forward while preserving everything that makes Vienna special.  Vote Chris Wright on May 19th!